Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pivyt Post?

A gravity-powered positioning mast mounted on the center of a boat trailer just forward of the axle.


What does a Pivyt Post do?

Places the winch hook where and when it is needed and helps to center a boat on the trailer.


How does a Pivyt Post improve safety on a boat ramp?

Eliminates the need to enter the water or balance on trailer beams when retrieving or releasing the winch hook.


What boats benefit from a Pivyt Post?

Boats between 15 and 23 feet in length that are frequently hauled.


What boat trailers are compatible with a Pivyt Post?

Most roller and bunk style trailers are compatible. The Pivyt Post is attached to the first cross member ahead of the axle(s) using a standard trailer mount attachment with two U-bolts.


How difficult is it to install a Pivyt Post?

Two U-bolts make Pivyt Post easy to install by yourself.


What accessories can be used with a Pivyt Post?

We recommend a wireless remote controlled winch, trailer tongue mounted boarding ladder, tow-vehicle tire-mounted step, and traditional trailer guide posts to make hauling as easy as possible. Please see our Accessories Page to browse recommended products.


Does a Pivyt Post have a warranty?

Yes. Pivyt Posts have a manufacturer’s one-year parts only warranty.


Where are Pivyt Posts made?

Proudly made in the USA.