Meet Hal and Paul

Hal and Paul are brothers. Hal likes to fish. Paul likes to cruise. Both are licensed captains because the only thing better than being on the water is getting paid to be on the water.

ON the water, not IN the water. There is a time and a place for swimming but hauling (or launching) at the boat ramp isn’t it.


Four Wet Feet and an Idea

After one particularly soggy start to a weekend cruise that left both brothers with wet shorts and shoes, Hal had an idea. Paul liked the idea.


Instead of performing advanced acrobatics to retrieve and replace the winch hook, have a post to hold the hook within easy reach of the bow. One snap plus one automatic winch equals safe, simple, and dry boat handling at the launch ramp every time.


Research and Development

With the help of a neighbor (thanks Levi), the brothers converted Hal’s garage into an R&D workshop. They spent months sketching and sawing and screwing screws. After working through many hot Florida afternoons, the pivoting post was created and the garage was cleaned up.


Putting Pivyt Post to the Test

People with boats know other people with boats. Boaters are a tight knit community. Between friends and family it was easy for Paul and Hal to find testers (special thanks to you, Gary). The testers made helpful suggestions and complete strangers offered even more encouragement.


Other boaters were curious about the Pivyt Post. They asked questions. They watched how it worked. They wanted to know where to buy one.


So Hal and Paul made a business. The rest is history.